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Your purpose is not to survive. You were born to thrive. That's your purpose. 



Vibrational Harmony is not only a state of being, but it’s also the essential skill set If your life.  Your ability to achieve vibrational harmony empowers you to self-love and thrive in positive states of emotional well-being regardless of your external circumstances and conditions.

Learn Our Accelerated Self-Healing Methods:

  • Optimize your emotional wellbeing 

  • Accelerate your consciousness 

  • Restore your radiance.

  • Achieve coherence.

  • Connect with spirit and receive trusted guidance

  • Self-charge your creative power; accelerate your manifestations

In as little as twenty minutes, initiate an accelerated self-healing method that invokes your entire being into vibrational harmony. 

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  • Boldy thriving in your divine essence, knowing that your source of self-love is never conditional, circumstantial and dependant.

  • Being confident in your discernment, trusting your intuition because your connection to spirit is never limited.

  • Being empowered, living in total freedom because you have mastered your ability to create the life experience you desire.

Vibrational Harmony is essential. It's a practical method for self-care, that takes you only twenty minutes a day to create a life that flourishes in sustainable love. 



A spiritual awakening is a sign that it's time to free your mind from outdated paradigms, open your heart to a deeper connection to spirit, and evolve your approach to self- love. 

When your ability to sustain positive states of emotional wellbeing depends on your external conditions and circumstances,  your ability to self-love and live free are conditional; therefore, not sustainable.

Forcing breakthroughs and results through experiences of anxiety, inner-conflict, and stress does not create positive emotions nor sustainable love.

Actually it creates more anxiety and stress, therefore re-enforcing your outdated paradigm that there is something wrong with you or you are not worthy and other limiting beliefs. 

In a world immersed in a radical spiritual awakening, Vibrational Harmony is a fundamental component to transforming your life experience from surviving your emotions, circumstances, and conditions to flourishing in sustainable love. 



During the workshop, you will receive a series of two attunements. What is an attunement? 

Our attunements are profound spiritual experiences that activate your dormant DNA, reawakening your extrasensory gifts and healing abilities to their next levels. 

Receiving our attunements will:

  • Accelerate your consciousness,

  • Raise your vibrational frequency. 

  • Open your energetic gateways gaining you stronger access to your connection with spirit.

  • Develop your ability to channel universal healing energies. 

The attunements are essential to activating your self-healing potential and flourish in vibrational harmony.

You will become attuned to the energies of the 7th Dimension and ascended new earth.  Scroll below to learn about these energies. 



Seventh Dimension Ascension Energies are one-hundred percent love and light; the highest vibration of universal love. These energies are gifts from the angelic realm and ascended new earth.

Their frequencies help humanity:

  • Optimize our wellbeing.

  • Remember our divine oneness. 

  • Accelerate creative potential.

  • Amplify manifestation power. 

  • Flourish in healthy relationships with others and spirit.

  • Live in harmonic resonance with our spiritual ascension process. 



​During the workshop, you will learn and develop your abilities to facilitate powerful energy work for yourself and your loved ones. ​

  • Restore your radiance, auto-renew your passion, inspiration, and self-charge your creative power. Accelerate the manifestation of your desired life experience with grace- daily. 

  • Learn how to ground your entire being into harmonic resonance with the ascended energies of mother earth and manifest clarity, confidence, and focus for optimized productivity - daily.  

  • Communicate with spirit, and retrieve vital information from the universal infinite intelligence to discern your guidance for relevant and practical application to enhance your everyday life.  

  • Develop a practical and accelerated method for self-care that honors your spirit, gains you access to your inner-wisdom, and expands your creativity and ability to love to your full potential.

You will know if you are meant to join us.  Scroll below to schedule your intro call and start flourishing in sustainable love.  



After over a decade of serving clients, we know that everyone's journey is unique and different. Through experience, we know that anything of value begins with a radically honest conversation. If you are ready, let's connect!

Vibrational Harmony is offered in exchange for a donation.  ​

We know and value our worth. We choose to operate in alignment with our love for the planet inside our beliefs that the highest quality of education, energy work, and support should be available for anyone, regardless of their status, education, income levels, or background. 

​After participating in the workshop we ask that you pay what feels good based on your ability and service value you received.

To schedule your intro call please email us by clicking here or text us at 510-409-4688