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"Daniel is a great man, leader, and a powerhouse spirit. He is a gift and pioneer in the energy work that he does. He is an unwavering stand for possibility and always relates to everyone he encounters as their greatest self, calling them forth into that reality and has made a permanent impact in my life and the lives of countless others."

Mark Hunter 

"After working with Dan in our group for a month, I barely recognize my life anymore. Decades-old, complex issues that I wasn't even fully conscious of anymore have been solved and transformed. I feel so fantastic that words lack the meaning to describe it fully. Thank you, Daniel!"

Gunter Singer 

"Daniel is a force. He is powerful beyond imagination and is here as a warrior and healer to do his work on planet Earth. He sees the truth like no other and has zero tolerance for games, mediocrity, and anything other than living into your highest self. His devotion to his purpose is unwavering and his light undeniable."

Jennifer Helene


Sherry Frey

"My work with Daniel and occurred at a time in my evolution when I had a great need to work on upgrading my self-worth, let go of fear, and of the past that kept me crippled with excuses in moving forward.I was mired down in activity versus action that kept me from making any real transformational change and Daniel was quick to call me out on this.

He is the most intuitive awareness life coach on the planet, and I am not exaggerating one bit about this!

His methods are straightforward and matter-of-fact; he doesn’t take excuses, and he means business.  However, his heart is pure gold, filled with love, guided by Spirit, and I knew his true desire for me was to be the best version I could be of myself. He saw in me, things I could not see for myself, and that was the cornerstone of our work; bringing me to a place where I gained that awareness and how I could get there–giving me the tools to do this transformational work."


Marta Roccomora

"I met Daniel in person, and I recognized a soul teacher in him. He didn’t give advice. Instead, he will always allows you to find your own answers. He never asked you to follow him; instead, he listens deeply and compassionately never trying to fix or judge you. He encourages you to heal yourself through self-love and self-acceptance. He sees the light in others and encourages it. 

He doesn’t close his eyes to the darkness. He understands it well because he has walked through the dark night of his own soul. He never pretends to have answers for the others but speaks of his own experience and invites you to share yours, to feel deeply. He teaches you as a teacher, never as a student. It is a beautiful journey, it takes practices, you will need guidance, and if you have the chance to have Daniel as one of your guides, please do seize the moment, feel the unconditional love he offers you.”


Deseree Hoffman

"I found Infinite beginnings at just the right time! I suffered from PTSD: anxiety/depression and sexual trauma for many years! Being a relatively new single mother of 3, my symptoms had gotten worse. My mother and ex-husband had been significant influences in my life, and I lost my identity! Daniel has given me tools to use, and when I listen and use the tools he has shared, life becomes much easier and more abundant.

It wasn’t until I found Infinitebeginnings that I was truly ready to begin my journey to healing/ recovery and find my higher self! Less than a year ago; from the first phone conversation with Daniel, something just felt right. I was able to open up and be honest with myself! I have accomplished and healed SO much more and have fewer symptoms with Daniel in six months than I have accomplished in the past 10+ years with my “regular” team of experts.

Daniel: Thank you for helping me find who I AM again and crossing my path in this lifetime. I am so great-full for the love you share with the world! "


Christian Pusateri

I’ve had the honor of working with Daniel for almost six months and the changes that have coincided with this period of my life are unparalleled. I have seen massive growth in my career, familial and intimate relationships, spiritual clarity and physical health.

Working with Daniel has been the most impactful mentoring/coaching experience of my life.

Daniel has been exceptional at encouraging self-development through creating breakthroughs in whatever area of my life on which I choose to focus. His piercing insight is uncanny not on occasion, but regularly. At special times in life, we meet people that we feel were born and meant to be doing what they are doing; I can’t think of a better way to describe Daniel.​

I have grown more confident and manifested a supreme trust when it comes to making what use to be tough calls and decisions. A move to a different city that I have been seeking for over four years is now in the process and I have gained praise in my company and across several industries for work I’ve completed in the past several months.

My quality of life has increased two-fold.

The impact on my close friends and family has been profound. The focus I’ve wielded and life changes I’ve made attracted the attention of those with whom I am close and prompted the question; “How are you doing this?” I’ve been able to more positively influence my personal relationships and share the insights and wisdom I’ve gained from my mentoring sessions.

To anyone considering coaching: Daniel will absolutely assist you in any life change. Whether it be a career, family, emotionally or spiritually inclined; he embodies the full gambit of guidance support, insight, and intuition that you could ever expect from mentoring. I am so grateful for the experience and cannot speak highly enough of him.

Keep doing what you do!


"Daniel Hyman is a true gift and a powerful healer in this world.If you are struggling in any area of your life, personally or professionally, or simply feel stuck…or want a good life to be great, I strongly recommend you seek him out for guidance and healing. Daniel is highly intuitive and wise and will help you gain the necessary clarity to move forward.I found working with him to be both enlightening and empowering."

Eleni Anastos

"I do not think I am speaking too soon by saying I am a changed woman!  Thank You! You have brought everything into the light. The missing pieces of the puzzle have been found. For Infinite Beginnings, I am forever grateful. Again thank you, Daniel! This was like a thread that brought the torn and severed back together."

Tatiana El

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for this beautiful group session, I am benefitting so much from it. I have released so much old energy and can feel the light filling the spaces where those blocks had lived for so long ! Love and light!"

Crystal Addison


Meghan Elizabeth

"Daniel Hyman has helped me awaken to a shift within me that is profound. I am incredibly grateful to have been introduced to Daniel and his amazing connection. From the moment I met him, he treated me like family.  With Humor and deep wisdom Daniel has an extremely kind and compassionate way of communicating and spiritually guiding.  I sought out Daniel to help with my son after years of searching for answers. Daniel has not only helped me find the answers but has empowered me to ignite the healer within myself.  I am forever grateful to Daniel for sharing his gifts with me and my family."


"So much gratitude Daniel for my inexplicable, undeniable, quantum evolutionary experience with your sessions! Receiving massive downloads, powerful upgrades, and tectonic energetic shifts have been so powerful and timely in my recent journey and surely have been agents of my new level of cosmic embodiment!  This past Wednesday has been an absolute gateway and I am so excited to see this beauty unfold. This is real yo !!! So much love, I am so grateful!"

Stephanie Trager 

"It is hard to express all that has been accomplished in a few words from working with Daniel.  He is a powerful healer, teacher, and mentor.   I have healed, learned and grown as a person on so many levels.  I have taken charge of my life and feel empowered moving forward.  My perspective has shifted in my everyday life, and I am super excited to continue on this journey developing my own spiritual gifts.  I am eternally grateful and feel truly blessed to have been guided to work with Daniel.  I am manifesting my goals and dreams.  Thank You!!!"

Christine Ayers 

"It hasn't just been deep healing but an awakening. I am a Reiki Master and Access Consciousness Practitioner but also innately channel some rainbow energy. The rainbow energy I have used in past lives and this transmission really woke it up. 

Thank you for helping me remember some of my most divine and awesome abilities. This healing frequency is truly a gift to the world - as are you! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the best." 

Sarah Gibbons


Tiffany Nikolov

As the saying goes, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

This statement couldn't be more true for me. Right before Daniel appeared in my life, things had been flipped entirely upside down. I was questioning everything I had ever learned and been taught before. I was in the beginning phase of what I call, my "spiritual awakening." I felt something changing within me, but had no idea how to explain or even comprehend what was going on.

I still remember the first time I spoke with Daniel on the phone, it was a conversation I will remember for the rest of my life. The conversation with Daniel gave me the validation I needed in knowing, something was definitely shifting within me. My work with Daniel has helped me acknowledge and heal blocks that I was never even aware that existed within me. Always giving me the gentle but well-needed push, to always go deeper within myself. 

I never felt that I was special or made a difference in this world. Working with Daniel has given me a sense of belonging and comfort that I have never experienced before. Now I know, without any doubts, that I was called here to help raise awareness on this planet. I know that I have a purpose in this lifetime!

I've always dreamt of having special abilities and gifts, but I never thought I actually held the power of these abilities, until my Attunement. 

The experience was absolutely life-changing. As Daniel guided me through the session, I had such a clear vision of what my soul was called to this planet to do. Physically, I could feel the warmth and the love the universe has for us all. I envisioned and felt shimmering white light effortlessly flow through my body. This day, I knew that I too was special. I knew that I have the power to shine my light and to help heal others. This experience moved me so deeply, I was brought to tears and overwhelmed with emotions.

The love and compassion Daniel puts out into this planet is indescribable. There are no words to describe how thankful I am that our paths crossed. I'm forever grateful for the love and guidance he has shown. His guidance has allowed me to reclaim my power and open my heart.
with love and gratitude


Nolyn Miller

I am truly grateful for Infinite Beginnings.

I was at a low point in my life where I felt alone, directionless, wounded, and unsure. I had a good career and was financially doing ok, but was suffering from personal relationships and genuinely was not happy.

I started my own quest for spiritual connection by reading books and listening to audio tapes, but just wasn’t getting the results I had hoped for. I was stuck in a rut. I knew I wanted to live a happy and joyful life but just wasn’t sure how to get there. I also knew I needed some help and guidance outside of myself to achieve this.

Reaching out to Daniel was hands down the best decision I have ever made!

Daniel always made me feel safe and protected and his words were always on point and what I “needed” to hear. I always looked forward to my phone conversations with Daniel and always felt at peace after our conversations.

Since I started working with Infinite Beginnings, I have now moved from Maryland to California and live only a block from the beach! I have an amazing career that I’m extremely passionate about and financially can afford the lifestyle I have always wanted! My personal relationships are better than ever and for the first time in my life, I am in a loving and healthy relationship with a man! I am dating my best friend and couldn’t be happier!


Cindee Satori

In 2011, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Daniel and the concept of Coaching through a mutual friend. Before Daniel, I didn’t know there was such a “service.” I was happily married, running a successful home-based business and raising three teenage daughters…Life was good! I didn’t need help…Or did I? 

Through weekly phone calls, Daniel assisted me in overcoming obstacles and recognizing limiting beliefs, that, until Daniel, I didn’t realize were holding me back from reaching my full potential. He helped me “discover” things about my business and personal relationships that allowed me to double my income in just one short year. I continue to use the skills that I have learned from Daniel in my everyday life and am very thankful that we crossed paths! 

I have been truly blessed to have Daniel in my life!


Tracy Suffern

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." 

I wanted direction. And to feel powerful again. And to let go of paralyzing anxiety. I wanted an anchor. During our first session together, Daniel told me "When we live from a place of love and joy, things manifest quicker." "The greatest cure," he said, "is love and joy." 

He guided me through a session. Together, we asked for abundance. Daniel asked for irrefutable proof. Within 5 days. Here's what happened: Within 24 hours I received a call from a recruiter who was scouting me for a position I had not applied for. I wasn't looking for a job! Within 48 hours I received a call from the head of a search committee who are were scouting me for an entirely different job. 

4 days after my first session with Daniel, my new accountant (who I'd met 10 minutes before) walked into my office and asked: "Why do you work here?" "You could make double what you make here," she stated quite matter-of-factly and walked out.

So began our work together; mine with Daniel. He guided me through sessions, removing obstacles to abundance, and energy "reboots." Every session left me feeling more solid, more powerful, more grounded. Most importantly, Daniel gently insisted on teaching me to heal myself.​Among the last things, Daniel shared with me was to thank me for the opportunity to serve me in such a profound way on your journey. Actually,  I'm the one who's grateful. When you want something...


Ryan Mayes

Before I met Daniel, my life was not in ruin. I was financially standing on my own two feet. I had achieved some wealth in my engineering profession and was making strides to create my own energy healing practice. My personal journey of healing and spirituality had even gifted me some inner peace. There came a point in my life, however, where despite all outside evidence to the contrary, I still felt “stuck.” Every day was just that feeling of “blahhh.” Even with all the material success I had created for myself, a feeling of discontent was still harboring inside. Although the feeling started as harmless, it continued to grow in the darkness for months and months. I was finally at a point where I was ready to quit my friends, my job, my life, and move to Europe because I just didn’t want to “BE” here anymore.

I felt disempowered, no longer in control of my happiness because all my attempts at creating it for myself had left me feeling empty. I lost my way, caught up in a sea of material possessions, all the while fulfilling someone else’s heart’s desires instead of my own. I had this voice inside telling me that I was supposed to call Daniel-a young man, like myself, but more conscious, more aware. I had talked to him 8 months prior for about 10 minutes and somehow knew that one day we would meet again when the Universe saw fit. Maybe he could help me find my way, I thought desperately.

Daniel talked to me on the phone and asked me if I was willing to receive a remote session. Being familiar with various healing energy techniques myself, I told him I would be willing to try it. What happened during the session was beyond my understanding of engineering, energy healing, science, time, space, or logic.

After that experience, I knew that I had much to learn about who I was and the unseen world around me. I decided then to commit to Daniel as a guide on my path of life, business, and spirituality. We started by identifying a gap. The gap was an empty space. A space between the emptiness I felt and the vision of how my life could be. Daniel told me that he could help me bridge that gap and get me to where I wanted to go, even if I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to happen. Daniel believed in me, even when I saw myself as two inches tall. But he encouraged me: “practice trust on purpose, even if you don’t know why just trust and it’s going to work out.”

The power he invoked into his work with me is nothing short of miraculous.

Together, we released many blockages and limiting beliefs that I wasn’t even aware were keeping me from my dreams.

Since, working with Daniel in the last few months, his guidance, energy, and wisdom have taught me to identify and overcome that illusory feeling of powerlessness. With persistent effort, my perspective has shifted dramatically, transforming darkness into light. Powerlessness into power. Ego into humility. Eagerness into patience. The vision I originally had for my future at the beginning of this work was a mere spectacle of the total possibilities here for me now. In the end, the greatest lesson that I have learned from Daniel is how to trust and follow my heart. Living life in this way has allowed abundance (far beyond silver and gold) to simply fall into my lap. And the beauty is, I am able to recognize all these gifts for what they truly are.

I came to Daniel searching for an answer. What I found was a purpose. My own purpose.



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