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People are being called into higher presence and purpose, into more fulfilling lives true to their authentic self. Each path is unique but share common threads.

Spiritual awakenings, or rather the resistance to, often cause feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty, and a sense of being lost. What used to work isn't working anymore, and something else is beckoning. The two greatest fears of humankind are fear of change and fear of the unknown. This checks both those boxes. And throws one into periods of anxiety, discord, and suffering; in turn affecting all parts of their lives and relationships. It's common for those awakening to feel isolated and misunderstood. 

Infinite Beginnings is in place to be a support system during these times. Instead of being stuck in a state of resistance, we help you accelerate your shifts into a vibration of celebrating your newfound freedom, amplified power, and creative potential. 


There is a difference between surviving your life experience, living in stagnation, and thriving.

Before Infinite Beginnings, no matter what levels of success our clients had or had not previously achieved in their personal/professional lives, many of them were living in a life experience that was hidden and subconsciously rooted in survival, stuck in apathy vs. FLOURISHING in their full potential- and did not know it. 

Many of our clients were not aware there was a difference and what it looked/felt like. Others knew the difference but felt unclear, questioning what was true from them. And, some had experienced short-lived moments and/or temporary periods of high achieving fulfillment and success but nothing sustainable.

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Founder /Light-worker 

Daniel Hyman is on the forefront of humanity's essential shift into unconditional love and oneness. A foundational shift needed across the planet for us as species to evolve and thrive.

Truly his whole life, but professionally since 2010, he has facilitated powerful energy work and spiritual mentorship. Daniels support catalyzes personal transformation through removing deep-seated blocks, discord, and resistance; alchemizing them into profound realizations of love, a deep meaning, and purpose.

His work is based on creating sustainable love. His approach is both ancient and progressive. Through his own self-work, connection to source energy and universal love, wisdom flows naturally to those he connects with. Daniel serves as a bridge and sparks the remembrance of the call home; a return to your power, a return to authentic truth and to a state of love.

"We must move away from the old paradigm of how to feel worthy and bring joy into one's life - Instead of focusing on shifting circumstances to create more love, focus on creating more love to shift circumstances"

Daniel's intuitive skills, plus the ability to read and channel high-frequency energies as a vessel, are uncanny, giving him the ability to support his clients with precision, speed, and sustainability. He is well known for helping his clients identify and dissolve limiting constructs within a single session that they were not able to achieve in previous efforts for months and sometimes years through other channels. 




Executive Director/Light-worker 

Candida’s presence radiates a warrior spirit with an angelic heart. She has focused her energy on remembering her divine essence and oneness with universal love. 

In 2009, Candida made the conscious choice to dive into the darkness of her suffering, stemming from multiple experiences of emotional, mental, physical, and sexual abuse from both her childhood and adult relationships.

Shortly after she began her healing journey, her connection to the healing energies and guidance of the angelic realm reawakened, continuing to grow more vibrant through her devotion to her spiritual practice and growth.

Her biggest realization came when she was guided to explore the difference between focusing on healing to be a "survivor" of her circumstances vs. healing to thrives in a life of service, bliss, and love.

Through her seeking, learning, and evolution. Candida’s journey led her to find a higher purpose in her pain and trauma. She discovered she is a light-worker who is here to lead by demonstration, and to serve humanity as a model of what’s possible when you dedicate to a practice of self-love.

Candida fully embodies her remarkable gifts as an energy worker, spiritual teacher, and mentor. Her greatest joy lives within helping her clients transform their life experience from surviving the wounded-inner child to thriving in their divine essence.




After over a decade of serving clients, we know that everyone's journey is unique and different. Through experience, we know that anything of value begins with a radically honest conversation. If you are ready, let's connect!


We keep things really simple. 

Please text Daniel at 410-294-0304 or click here to email. 


We keep things really simple. 

Please text Candida at 510-409-4688 or click here to email.