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It's okay if you have reached a creative plateau, fallen out of love with doing what you love, lost passion for life, feel bored, stuck, and do not realize why.



Let's demystify the concept of healing alchemy. A caterpillar doesn't morph into a butterfly because something's wrong. It transcends, liberating itself from its restraints; expanding into its highest potential.



Humanity is amid a radical spiritual re-awakening and rapid shift in planetary consciousness. 

This shift is called a spiritual ascension. Every day people are waking up and being confronted with emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges. Their hearts are prescribing them to make profound life changes that, at first, appear to be unreasonable and feel impossible.

Like the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, people's spiritual ascension process innately leads them into fuller embodiments of their potential. During their process, it's normal and healthy for people's conscious minds to reawaken more quickly than their logic comprehends, creating unexplained discord, resistance, and fear. 

Once a person's spiritual alarm clock rings, there is no stopping their spiritual ascension process, leaving them with two essential life choices.  The first choice is the option to resist and endure a life experience immersed in surviving their discord, resistance, pain, and suffering. Or, they can surrender to new beginnings and thrive in their divine essence like the butterfly. 

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